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Oak Ridge Kitchen Remodel

BEFORE/AFTER -- The perfect example of a transitional remodel! We incorporated our client's traditional antique style with newer, brighter, and more simplified finishes. The result is a wonderful combination of styles that are unique to the client! Now they have a functional, open concept kitchen with a large island and better appliance locations. For the color scheme, we chose a classic black and white palette as a backdrop to highlight some of their most treasured antiques. As a point of cohesion, we found a brick tile that looked antique but also brought some color and pattern into the design.

Client testimonial - "From the beginning until the end of my kitchen remodel, Chateau Kitchens has exceeded even my high expectations! There was not ONE glitch in this total remodel process. They even finished ahead of schedule! I can truly say that I had a lot of fun working with this company......something not typical when one is talking about dismantling and reconstructing the most important room in a house! They took my vision and created it so beautifully! I HIGHLY recommend them!"

Designed by Chelsea Crawford