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Saddle Creek Bath Remodel

BEFORE/AFTER --> A gorgeous Carmel bathroom transformation has taken place!

The centerpiece of this remodel is the new KraftMaid Cabinetry in their Harbor painted finish. The cabinetry, with its soft yet rich color palette, adds a touch of coastal charm to the space. The Harbor finish perfectly complements the surrounding elements and sets the tone for the entire design.

Gone are the days of a standard bathtub and deck. The remodel has brought in a sense of openness and grandeur by removing the old tub and tub deck and replacing them with a sleek, freestanding tub. This addition not only saves space but also creates a spa-like atmosphere.

The shower has undergone a significant transformation as well. Enlarged to offer a more generous space, the shower boasts an air of modern luxury. The choice of Calcacatta Ultra by MSI for the countertops and shower pieces elevates the overall design.

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Photography by: 360 Tour Designs of Central Indiana